6 Helpful Tips Before Hiring Your Financial or Investment Professional

By Sofia Fernandez | None | Financial Planning

Hiring Your Investment Professional

If you need overall advice with your personal finance, such as retirement, taxes, estate planning, etc., then a certified and professional financial advisor or planner is recommended. If you have a stable income and are ready to get some return, focusing on investments with an RIA or follow a Pro on Keel with track records might be the best thing for you.


6 Helpful Tips to Hire an Investment Professional

  • Look at all your options. Meet with different individuals and companies. Don’t settle for the first person you see or the most charming of them all – personality doesn’t determine success.
  • Do background checks. Ensure they are professionals and certified in their field. Look at his or her code of ethics; see if they have a fiduciary duty to you. Ensure they haven’t had any scandals. Look at Keel to track investors and see who is best for you.
  • Choose someone that looks at your entire financial profile, not just one aspect of it. To make the best financial decisions they will have to see the whole picture.
  • If you choose a financial planner, ensure it’s a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or has another form of certification.
  • For managing your investments, get a Fiduciary to ensure your needs are met before their own.
  • Know what you are paying for and have it all in writing. Ask your financial professional for a comprehensive written financial plan.

Hiring Your Investment Professional

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