Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keel a Registered Investment Advisor?

No, Keel does not provide investment advice and does not recommend securities, investment managers or trading strategies. The Pros listed on Keel may or may not be registered investment advisors.

Will Keel be able to perform trades using my brokerage accounts on my behalf?

No. Keel only has read-only access to your brokerage accounts. This means we will not have access to your funds only information to analyze your current holdings and historical transactions.

Why should I use Keel?

Whether you are new to investing or looking for investment advices, Keel is the perfect platform for you to gain insights on where other people are putting their money. Unlike traditional financial services, our professionals link their actual brokerage accounts to Keel, so you’d have a concrete idea of how well they have been doing with their investment.

How do I use Keel?

Sign up here. Log into your account and track your progress. We feature top pro investors on our homepage so you could view their portfolios then decide if you’d like to view their historical transactions at a monthly/yearly subscription fee. You will be able to manage all of your subscriptions in the account tab.

How safe is Keel?

We use bank-level encryption services to safeguard all of your sensitive information. All of our transmissions are encrypted.

Which are the brokers Keel supports?

We support hundreds of brokers, popular ones among them include Schwab, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch and E*Trade.

Do you support international banks?

We only support US securities for now.

How many brokerage accounts at most can I link to my Keel account?

As many as you’d like. For now we recommend up to 10 accounts.

Will Keel charge me on a recurring basis?

Yes. All subscriptions are recurring unless cancelled before the next renew date.