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Employer Matching Investment Account

by Caroline

​Caroline is a Brown University alum (Econ) and a former analysis for the Analysis Group

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Green Global Equity Income Portfolio

by Thomas C. Konrad

High income green stocks with an options overlay for increased income and reduced risk.

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Lenny's Portfolio

by Lenny Grover

Find the best value stocks by following Lenny's portfolio updated daily

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Keel has been extremely helpful providing access to investment professionals' trading history and strategies.

Peter B.
Arlington, MA

Keel allows its users to gain knowledge about the market by following experienced peer investors!

Keith C.
Boston, MA

An excellent platform for Pros to connect with prospective investors creating an unprecedented amount of alignment.

John B.
Boston, MA

Keel is an independent third-party source for evaluating the performance of investors who have the confidence to share their convictions.

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Providence, RI

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keel a Registered Investment Advisor?

No, Keel does not provide investment advice and does not recommend securities, investment managers or trading strategies. The Pros listed on Keel may or may not be registered investment advisors.

If I provide my login and password, will Keel be able to perform trades on my behalf?

No. Keel only analyzes your current holdings and historical transactions.

Why does Keel use time-weighted rate of return?

Time-Weighted Rate Of Return (TWR) is an industry standard for comparing the performance of investment portfolios. TWR is considered one of the most accurate measures because it takes into account the timing of external cash flow.

Does Keel endorse the Pros listed on its site?

No. Users should do their own due diligence and carefully consider the suitability of the Pros’ investments given the User’s own risk tolerance and liquidity needs. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Keel, however, vets the Pros’ professional and academic background.

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